We are Committed to Your Safety

The past few months have been especially challenging for our country and startup community. As we look to the future, we believe that opportunity for safe collaboration and human connection are as important as ever.

SVA’s Reopening Plan is based on guidance from Capital One and recommendations by the CDC and federal/state authorities for how to control the spread of the coronavirus. Over the coming months, we will monitor these authorities and update our guidelines and policies as recommendations evolve.

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Take Our Community Pledge

Maintaining a safe and healthy workspace is a cooperative effort. We ask all Startup Virginia members to take our community pledge before returning to the 1717 Innovation Center:

  • I will not come to SVA if:
    (1) I feel unwell, or have a cough or shortness of breath not attributable to another condition
    (2) I have had a temperature of 100.4+ within the last 24 hours
    (3) I have come in close contact in the past 14 days with someone with a diagnosis of COVID-19
  • I will wash my hands frequently and thoroughly
  • I will respect and encourage safe physical distancing
  • I will wear a mask while moving about in the open workspace and common areas
  • I will ensure my guests sign in at the front desk and abide by the Community Pledge
  • I will notify Startup Virginia staff immediately if I become aware that I, a team member, or my guest has tested positive for COVID-19
1717 Lobby
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1717 communal space

Updates & Space Improvements

  • Building is open to SVA founders and teams ONLY (Floors 5 and 6 are closed)
  • Keycard is required to enter the building (front door is locked)
  • Use of masks is expected in common areas (masks provided if you forget yours)
  • Security guard is onsite during the business hours (no Capital One staff)
  • All programming and office hours will continue virtually
  • Daily mail service will resume, with mail sorted and placed on the mail counter. If you submitted a mail forwarding request to the post office, you will need to cancel it.
  • Designated seating in common areas to encourage safe distancing
  • Reduced density in conference rooms
  • Added hands-free foot pulls to bathroom doors
  • Added hand sanitizing stations in all shared spaces
  • Adding touchless faucets, soap dispensers and towel dispensers in kitchen areas
  • Modified building HVAC to increase outside air circulation within the building
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Health & Safety Improvements

  • Enhanced and rigorous cleaning of 1717, including but not limited to wiping down and disinfecting all high-touch surface areas. Here are some examples of high-touch surfaces:
    • Handles, handrails, knobs, push plates, door pads, restroom doors
    • Elevator buttons, light switches and other building fixtures
    • Shared/common-area surfaces and shared printers
    • Galley surfaces and appliance handles
  • Placing hand sanitizer (and disinfecting wipes as available) at primary entrances, exits, outside elevators, and throughout common areas for member use
  • Promoting regular hand washing through signage and supplies
  • Providing free reusable face masks for use in common spaces and hallways
  • Required key card access only at the front door
  • Providing a security guard on-site during business hours
  • Prohibiting guests and events
  • Continuing to host all events and mentor office hours virtually

Take Care of Yourself

Managing Covid-19 Stress poster
Managing Covid-19 Stress poster - Take a Break from the News
Managing Covid-19 Stress poster - Take Care of Your Body
Managing Covid-19 Stress poster - Take Time to Unwind
Managing Covid-19 Stress poster - Connect with Others
Managing Covid-19 Stress poster