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VentureSouth Education

VentureSouth regularly hosts educational webinars for startup founders and investors. View upcoming events.


Sales Roundtable

Join our group of sales leaders and founders to share experiences and advice. Sign up!

Startup Virginia Webinars

Latest Webinars


Customer Experience: Trends for Success

Adam O’Donnell, Strategic Startup Partnership Lead at Zendesk


Demystifying UX Design

Lizzie Garrett, UX Designer and Strategist


Preparing for Your First Raise

Mac Conwell, Rarebreed Ventures; Liz Doerr, Sandbox; Bill Porter, QDS Capital

Past Webinars by Topic

  • Hidden in Plain Site (Feb 2021) – Featuring project co-founders Dontrese Brown, Dean Browell, and David Waltenbaugh – Recording
  • Profit or Survival: How Purpose Can Drive Business Growth (July 2020) – Christian Marklow, Brand VP + Mark Brown, Brand Experience Director, Joe Smith – Recording
  • Finding Your Value Proposition in Times of Disruption (May 2020) – Dan Morris, Brand VP, Joe Smith – Recording
  • Cyber Security for Startups (Sept 2020) – Alexander Stein, Founder + Chief Information Security Officer, Bluetec – Recording | Slides
  • Ransomware & Disaster Recovery: How Data Backups Can Save Your Company (Dec 2020) – Alexander Stein, Founder + Chief Information Security Officer, Bluetec – Recording
  • Collect Data With Intention (Dec 2020) – Vida Williams, Advanced Analytics Solutions Lead + Chief Diversity Officer, SingleStone – Recording
  • KingsCrowd: A New Way to Fundraise (Feb 2021) – Chris Lustrino, Founder & CEO of KingsCrowd – Recording
  • Introduction to VentureSouth (Jan 2021) – Kevin Meinecke, associate leading VentureSouth's deal pipeline + due diligence – Recording (Members – Use your member password)
  • Valuation Workshop: The Art and Science of Early Stage Valuation Setting (Aug 2020) – Liz Doerr, Partner + Jay Coffin, Analyst, Sandbox – Recording (Members – Use your member password)
  • Investor Relations + Financing During Covid (June 2020) – Tina McRae, Principal, Kaleo Legal – Recording (Members – Use your member password)
  • Hiring Tech: How to Prep For Your First Product Build (June 2021) – Marcy Ewald and Neil Shah, the founders of ThinkNimble – Recording
  • Refresh Your HR Strategy with Fahrenheit Advisors (March 2021) – Sara Shelton, Managing Director, Human Capital Lead + Sarah Gobble, Senior Recruiting Consultant – Recording
  • So You Want an Intern? (Feb 2021) – Frank Allen and SK Parker, University of Richmond's Career Services office – Recording
  • A Look at the Entrepreneurial Landscape in RVA (Jan 2021) – Featuring founders of MajorClarity, Trilogy Mentors, Roundtrip, and Brandefy App. Co-hosted with RVA Now and Lighthouse Labs. Recording
  • Startup Compensation Strategy with Sandbox (Nov 2020) – Jill Lemon, Liz Doerr, Mike Page, founders of Sandbox – Recording (Members – Use your member password)
  • How to Thrive When Working Remotely (April 2020) – Dennis Bowne, Principal, CapTech ConsultingRecording
  • How Startups Can Succeed with Experienced Legal Advisors (Oct 2020) – John Failla, founder of Trilogy Mentors, and Gary LeClair, partner at Williams Mullen – Recording
  • How to Design a Killer Pitch Deck (Oct 2020) – Olivia Mortensen, owner of Mortensen Designs – Recording | Slides
  • Digital Marketing: Leveraging Landing Pages to Increase Your Conversion Rates (Sept 2020) – Haley Nininger, Paid Digital Marketing Analyst, Workshop Digital – Recording
  • Digital Marketing: Customer Acquisition Funnel + How to Implement SEO/PPC (July 2020) – Nic Thibodeau, SEO Analyst, Workshop Digital – Recording | Slides
  • Process Automation and Scale (March 2021) – Jonathan Dyke, Chief Technical Innovation Officer at Sweetie Boy Delivers – Recording
  • MVE to MVP: No-Code Options for Testing Your Startup Product Idea (Aug 2020) – Luke Rabin, Product Lead + Brandon Lewis, Design Lead, BLDR – Recording 
  • Scaling Saas with Dualboot Partners (July 2021) - Barrett Pack, VP of Client Development at Dualboot Partners - Recording
  • Pricing & Positioning Strategy (August 2021) – Megan Mullinix, Senior Account Executive at FONA International
    Recording – Recording
  • Selling Confidence: Building B2B & Corporate Connections (May 2021) – Tennille Boyer, Director of Business Development at goHappy Hub – Recording



A Q&A-style conversation where we really get to know a founder within the Startup Virginia community.

Charles Merritt headshot

Charles Merritt, Buddy

Alan Wei headshot

Alan Wei, Humanitru

johnathan mayo headshot

Johnathan Mayo, Team Excel

COVID-19 Assistance


Overview of the America Rescue Plan Act (March 2021)

EDGe Business Planning has published a review of the stimulus changes for businesses. Read the blog post. For more updates, visit EDGe Business Planning's Financial EDGe blog.

Funding Resources:

Virginia 30 Day Fund: The nonprofit Virginia 30 Day Fund provides forgivable loans for Virginia-based small businesses. Apply here.

The Helm's Complete Guide to Emergency Funding: From how to access SBA Disaster Recovery Loans, to grants and relief packages, this guide is a frequently-updated list of everything women-led businesses will need to weather the impacts of Coronavirus.

COVID-19 Relief Efforts for Entrepreneurs and Gig Workers (By StitchCrew Accelerator): The Airtable spreadsheet includes funding/grant/loan resources, online tools, data/research, and more.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is an SBA loan designed to help small businesses keep employees on the payroll and closed on August 8, 2020. These loans are subject to 100% loan forgiveness if certain requirements are met. Visit the SBA website for more details on loan forgiveness. We also highly recommend visiting EDGe Business Planning's blog for up-to-date information on PPP loan forgiveness.


VCU Health Healthy Workplace Guide:  Provides up-to-date information about COVID-19 and how to protect your employees and customers to comply with the VA Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) requirements.

Opening & Operating: Best Practices (Dominion Payroll) – We share practical ways for your business to safely, sanely, and effectively transition your workforce back to the workplace covering: CDC guidelines, HR best practices, scenario planning, and more.

ForwardRVA: A coalition focused on creating an innovative reopening and planning framework. Their website includes a reopening checklist and resources pertaining to reopening protocols and strategies.


Guidance from CapTech on Working Remotely: For teams/companies – "The New Normal: Making Working From Home Work Well," and for individuals – "Wondering How To Work From Home Productively?"

Remote Work: Tools & Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs (Hubspot)Tips and tricks you can implement today for your startup to thrive remotely.

LinkedIn Learning Courses for Working Remotely: Discover how to be productive and stay connected when working from home or other remote environments.

Finances + Fundraising


Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) – The Center For Innovative Technology will provide grants up to $100,000 to advance young Virginia companies and their highly promising technologies that have traction through revenue and/or outside investment. Funding this round will support product or service development, market research, IP protection, marketing, pilots, and more.

Keiter CPA’s blog provides information and updates on the latest COVID-19-related business finances and individual tax law changes.

COVID-19 Survival Kit by Sandbox (Liz Doerr, Mike Page & Jill Lemon): Sandbox’s research, best practices, and other insights from working with 30+ local and national startups, including HR policies, expense cutting ideas, non-dilutive financing resources, etc. Download the PDF.

Startup Strategies During Uncertain Times (Amazon Web Services): Former founders on the AWS Startups team shared strategies/tactics for managing unexpected developments, including cash preservation tips, fundraising advice, and internal employee communications. Download the slides.

P&L Spreadsheet for Financial Forecasting: This P&L modeling Excel template was created by founder, Shizu Okusa (JRINK) to help entrepreneurs with financial forecasting.

ARTICLE: How To Keep Your Company Alive – Observe, Orient, Decide and Act by Steve Bank. Here’s a five-day playbook to help CEOs of cash-flow negative startups, or ones about to go negative, assess the new normal and respond with speed and urgency. (Posted April 1, 2020) Read the blog post.


Lighter Capital Guides and eBooks: Written by experts and trusted by entrepreneurs, these guides are designed to help you understand the fundraising process. Examples include, "How to Choose the Best Funding Path for Your Startup," and "Finding the Right Financing For Your Capital Needs." Check them out here.

[Article] How Startup Valuation Works and How a Company Valuation Affects Financing by Lighter Capital. Published February 28, 2019. This article covers how startup valuation works, how you should be thinking about valuation in general and what it means for you now and down the road.

AMA: Start-up Funding Options Available Now (HubSpot): Four start-up financing experts discuss the evolving fundraising landscape, how they are thinking about financing for startups and what you can do to position your company for success in the coming months and year. Watch the recording. Pass: Fw1*+A!G (start at minute 3:55)

Raising Money in a Crisis: Jason Calacanis, tech entrepreneur, angel investor, and podcast host, speaks on raising capital in a crisis. Watch the recording.

Zero to Sold with Arvid Kahl (Makerpad): During this workshop, we cover: Scaling your SaaS business, identifying a problem, finding your first users, and selling your business. Watch the recording.

Fundraising During a Difficult Time (Hubspot): 5 resources startups can use today to secure funding, even in tough economic times.

ICAP & the Future of the Virginia Startup Ecosystem: In this webinar recording, members of the ICAP (Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program) and Virginia SBDC (Small Business Development Center) team discuss the success of ICAP over the past 2.5 years, provide details about the program's future, and offer current partners and an ICAP client the opportunity to discuss their experience with the program. Representatives from CIT also provide an update on the transition to VIPA and the current entrepreneurial landscape in Virginia.

[Article] Top 10 Equity Crowdfunding Sites – 2020: What are the top equity crowdfunding sites of 2020 for both investors and entrepreneurs? We have broken down the best crowdfunding platforms in terms of the number of investors, capital raised, fees, and other key areas. (Published: September 13, 2020)


757 Angels is a select network of over 100 business and community leaders in the Hampton Roads region, who provide investment capital, strategic advice and mentoring to selected startup and early-stage companies to help them achieve market leadership. 757 Angels seeks dealflow from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Charlottesville Angel Network (CAN) is a group of nearly 70 accredited investors and family offices. The group is made up of independent investors who make independent investment decisions. CAN is not a fund. Members make no commitment to invest and are not charged a carry or management fee.

CAV Angels is a nonprofit organization housing the only angel group specifically catered towards UVA alumni. CAV Angels’ mission is twofold: first, to provide education on investment in private, early-stage companies to members of the UVA family; second, to facilitate investment by members of the organization in early-stage growth companies founded, owned, or managed by members of the UVA family.

Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) – The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation will provide grants up to $75,000 to advance  Virginia-based companies and their highly promising technologies at the proof-of-concept, product development, or other pre-seed stages of development.

NRV is a Richmond-based venture capital firm that invests in early-stage growth companies that are post proof-of-concept with demonstrated market traction led by exceptional teams.

Trolley Ventures is an investment fund for early-stage business ventures in central Virginia. The group seeks to provide a better solution for both investors and companies by giving investors a turn-key solution whereby they can diversify across many businesses through a single investment, and early-stage businesses can effectively raise the capital that they need through a single relationship and a streamlined application process.

Virginia Tech Carilion Innovation Fund (VTC Innovation Fund) is a venture capital fund primarily funded by the Virginia Tech Foundation and Carilion Clinic. The Fund is managed by Middleland Capital with the primary goal of commercializing innovative technologies, accelerating growth, and building long term value within the Virginia Tech and Carilion Clinic ecosystem by investing in early-stage life sciences and high growth technology companies. Although the VTC Innovation Fund’s primary focus is in the Central and Southeast Virginia region, it may invest in high growth opportunities across the Commonwealth.

VentureSouth operates angel investment groups and funds comprised of more than 300 accredited investors across the Southeast. The group aims to invest $250,000 to $1,000,000 in companies seeking capital to launch or scale a market-ready product or service.

Human Resources

New VA Workplace Regulations: Is Your Business Compliant? (Dominion Payroll): Virginia adopted the first-in-the-nation workplace safety standards for the COVID-19 pandemic. We provide an overview of these new regulations and to find out what your business needs to do to stay in compliance. Watch the recording.

Dominion Payroll Resource Page: Dominion Payroll has a comprehensive COVID-19 webinar resource page and created helpful Word templates: Sample Work from Home Agreement, a Furlough Letter, a Layoff Letter, and a Recall from Furlough Letter.

Fahrenheit Advisors Insights: Articles to help businesses navigate the changing and challenging times related to hiring.

Covid HR Practices - What You Need to Know (Sandbox): A one-page PDF detailing pertinent HR and employee-related information and resource links.

Troutman Pepper Insights: The blog provides articles related to COVID-19, as well as other posts that can be sorted by industry.

Williams Mullen COVID-19 Resource Center: The COVID-19 resource center includes alerts, recorded webinars and podcasts, an FAQ section, a 'Comeback Plan' for your business, and more.

Woods Rogers COVID-19 Legal Updates: The COVID-19 blog page shares legal updates and links to important resources.

Sales + Marketing

Learn How to Use Instagram for Marketing (Hubspot Academy): It’s easy enough to use Instagram, but harder to use it successfully. Learn how to put together an Instagram marketing strategy that will make a real difference for your business. In this course, you'll learn what a successful Instagram strategy looks like, how to develop and analyze Instagram content and how to promote that content with Instagram ads. Enroll for free here.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing (Offered by Facebook on Coursera): This course lays the foundation of social media marketing. You’ll learn what social media marketing entails, including the history and the different social media channels that exist. You’ll learn how to select a social media channel that fits your needs, set goals and success metrics, and determine who your target audience is. Enroll for free here.

The Remote Sales Playbook (HubSpot): Transitioning from field sales to remote selling isn't an easy task. We've put together a collection of 30+ of our best resources for sales reps and sales managers to help your startups tackle whatever is next.

HubSpot for Startups Education Series: Grow and Scale your Startup in 2020 – A digital workshop series to educate you on ten topics startups ask about the most.

Adapt 2020: An Education Series by Hubspot – A weekly content installment series that will help you shift and build a marketing and sales strategy for today’s unique situation and tomorrow’s new economy.

How to Market & Sell When It's Not 'Business as Usual' (Northern Virginia Technology Council): This webinar presents how to stay engaged with customers and drive growth, the role of sales & marketing in the continuity of business operations, concrete steps your organization can implement today to pivot your customer engagement strategies, and the dos and don’ts of marketing and PR in times of crisis.

Prospecting in the Days of Social Distancing (Sandler Training): This webinar recording focuses on the necessary behaviors, attitudes, and techniques to turn the challenges we are facing today into opportunities for sustainability and growth. Download the slides. Download Sandler Research Center's Market View research.

Marketing Templates by Mortensen Designs: Created by SVA mentor Olivia Mortensen, these professionally-designed small business marketing templates are fully customizable to match your company’s brand. What’s Inside? 3 Social Media Templates, 2 One Pager Templates, 1 Pitch Deck Template.

ARTICLE: The Elements of Value by Harward Business Review. It’s more important than ever to demonstrate that your company, and you as an employee, can provide value to customers. Here are all of the ways you can tangibly provide value. Read the article.

Diversity + Inclusion

Anti-Racist Resource Guide for the Tech & VC Community: This resource list was compiled by Female Founders Fund for the tech & VC community with the intention of deepening anti-racism knowledge and to share ways we can participate in creating change.

Black Venture Capitalists Confront Silicon Valley’s Quiet Racism: Interviews with Black VCs illuminate the difficulty of making a difference in a tech industry that often refuses to acknowledge the problem; the frustrations of seeking to be recognized for their work irrespective of race; and the internal conflict many face over whether they’re doing enough to create opportunities for others like themselves. Read the Bloomberg article. (Posted: August 24, 2020)

An Open Professional Network For Black Founders: Networks are a key factor in professional success, but Black individuals don't always have access to deep professional networks in the startup and marketing world. Despite 14% of the U.S. population being Black, at the top 75 companies in Silicon Valley, only 3% of employees are Black, and in advertising, less than 7% of employees are Black. Explore this network of professionals committed to creating more access for Black individuals in the startup and marketing space or consider offering up your time.

Company Culture: Fostering Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Dominion Payroll) – As 2020 exposes long-overdue structural inequities, business leaders are asking themselves how they can push for diversity, equity, and inclusion within their own companies. Learn how your company can leverage business as a force of good and make real social impact.

Antiracism and Inclusion In Tech with Dr. Tiffany Jana (RVATech): In this session, we explore actionable ideas that, when implemented, can help make the tech industry more equitable and inclusive. Dr. Jana shares pointed and direct advice on how you can be a force for positive change.

Social Justice and Leading RVA in Uncertain Times (Metropolitan Business League): A panel of leaders discuss the current state of injustice, how we got to this point, and what actions business leaders should be taking now.

BizSense Assembly recap: Black Entrepreneurship in Richmond – A group of Richmond’s Black entrepreneurs reflected on how racism has created hurdles to the growth of their careers and companies. Read the recap. (Posted: July 23, 2020)

The Definitive Guide to Investing in Black Founders: The meeting is only one piece of the puzzle. Learn how to find more black founders and how to build a relationship that will get you in their round. Read the article. (Posted: June 8, 2020)

The Conversation And The Data: A Look At Funding To Black Founders – “Black founders are often over-mentored and under-invested,” Woodard said during the event. “If you have the ability to write a check, but you will only offer mentorship to black founders, that is only helpful to your ego.” Read the article. (Posted: June 5, 2020)

General Resources

Getting Shots Up – A blog/weekly newsletter that includes essays, interviews, and more about building entrepreneurial careers. This isn’t startup advice – it’s a zoomed-out view of how entrepreneurial people can think about constructing a career that results in a lot of high-quality shots on goal. Written by Mike Wilner, a 2013 Venture for America fellow, a former startup founder, the co-author of a book on seed fundraising, and on the Early Stage Startup team at AWS.

ChamberRVA COVID-19 Resource Center Funding and resources for the business community.

Facebook Business Resource Hub – Facebook for Business recently launched a resource page full of information and courses to help you manage through and build resilience during the outbreak.

Envoy Portfolio: Us vs. Coronavirus – Envoy Portfolio, along with their speakers and partner subject matter experts, provide practical tools for leaders. Check out the videos and resources.

ARTICLE: When, Why, & How to Pivot a Startup Business. A look at how Burbn pivoted and turned into Instagram. (Posted: March 25, 2020) Read the Hubspot article.