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VentureSouth Virginia is a partnership with VentureSouth, a top 10 angel group in the U.S. with an impressive track record and proven returns for investors. We bring together Virginia’s investor network with VentureSouth's proven angel investment group model to fund startups and early-stage companies in Virginia and across the Southeast.

Investment Criteria

VentureSouth invests in companies that:

  • are based in the Southeastern United States
  • have compelling and defensible solutions to painful problems in large and/or rapidly growing markets
  • are led by a management team that is talented, trustworthy, determined, and resourceful
  • are seeking ~$250,000 to $2,000,000 for a 15%-40% preferred equity stake in the company (VentureSouth doesn’t invest in common equity or debt, and rarely in convertible debt)
  • have initial revenues or are at the market entry stage with demonstrated customer demand
  • are deploying a business model that can scale with speed and capital efficiency
  • can potentially generate a 50% annualized rate of return on investment over 3-5 years
  • Securing an investment from any angel group is difficult. VentureSouth invests in ~3% of the companies that start the initial conversation.
  • Remember that you are not the only entrepreneur seeking funding. VentureSouth reviews 20-30 introductions each month, so you'll need to demonstrate a compelling reason for them to proceed with your opportunity.
  • Be prepared. Do your homework on how angels invest (review VentureSouth’s guidebook and entrepreneur resources) and be organized and professional – you'll already be ahead of the pack.

Application + Review Process


Submit Application

Submit the following materials to [email protected]:

  • 1-2 page executive summary
  • Compelling 10-12 page investor deck

Initial Conversation

Startup Virginia will provide a warm email introduction to the VentureSouth team. If interested, VentureSouth may schedule a call to learn more.


Screening Meeting

If still interested, VentureSouth will invite you to a screening meeting. Screening meetings are held in each funding cycle for VentureSouth angels to hear your formal pitch.


Due Diligence

If voted by members into "due diligence", VentureSouth staff and angel investors will conduct a deeper dive evaluation.


Road Show

VentureSouth’s due diligence process includes a virtual pitch to its 16 angel groups, comprised of 300+ investors.



If all goes well, VentureSouth collects investment checks, finalizes documents with the lawyers, and executes the investment.

For more details on VentureSouth's pitching process, visit their website.


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