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Startups face unique challenges daily. Our education programs are designed to cover an array of topics relevant to current issues. Leveraging our mentor and investor networks, we aim to empower individuals, whether they are new to the startup world or more established.

Illustration for Entrepreneur Certification

Entrepreneur Certification

Illustration for SVA Builder Series

SVA Builder Series

Illustration for Leadership Development

Leadership Development

(members only)

Illustration for Mentor Network

Mentor Network

(members only)

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Founders Roundtable

(members only)

Entrepreneur Certification

Providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the business acumen and growth trajectory needed to successfully scale their startup.

Startup Virginia’s Entrepreneur Certificate is designed to help individuals develop the business skills necessary to validate their vision, grow their startup, understand fundraising vehicles and pitch to potential investors in Central Virginia. A series of classes developed in partnership with industry experts, established mentors, and fellow startup members, covers all aspects of the startup launch and process. An important part of our mission is to equip all entrepreneurs with the tools needed for success. As such, we are pleased to offer this opportunity to the community at no cost.


Startup Virginia Members and Community Guests - Free

Startup Virginia certification classes (9 total) are from 8-9:30 a.m.

In order to receive the certificate, participants are required to complete the following classes:

Illustration for Define Your Idea
Define Your Idea

Develop the right business model and challenge your assumptions by completing a business model canvas.

March 3rd

Illustration for Value Proposition
Establish Your Value Proposition

Identify the core value you provide your target customers which in turn will drive them to choose you over your competitors.

March 10th

Illustration for Validation
Validate Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Pinpoint your target customers – who they are, what they want, what drives their decisions – and create customer personas to drive your design process.

March 17th

Illustration for Marketing Strategy
Create Your Marketing Strategy

Take your product or service to market by gaining an understanding of the best practices and tools available to you.

March 24th

Sales Tools for Startups

Define your strategy and fine-tune your sales process so leads turn into customers.

March 31st

Illustration for Finance
Understand Startup Finance

Dive into the importance of your numbers and learn financial concepts needed for a startup.

April 7th

Illustration for Legal
Develop Legal Strategies

Get insight into key legal issues that startups often overlook. 

April 14th

Illustration for Funding Options
Discover Funding Options in Virginia

Review which funding sources are available and optimal for your business.

April 21st

Illustration for Pitch Deck
Design Your Pitch Deck

Learn how to present your business plan to potential partners, investors, and customers.

April 28th

SVA Builder Series

Supporting leaders of established startups by fostering a community of shared knowledge and support.

The SVA Builder Series at Startup Virginia is a chance for entrepreneurs to come together and have meaningful, productive discussions on current issues and challenges of startups in Central Virginia. Partnering with a curated selection of industry experts, educators and mentors, the SVA Builder Series is meant to educate and inspire with information that can be readily applied for actionable results.

SVA Builder Series is a monthly event  that includes networking, workshop and Q&A. Light snacks and drinks provided by Startup Virginia.


Startup Virginia Members and Community Guests - Free

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Leadership Development

Equipping members with the self-awareness and self-confidence to build and lead a sustainable business.

Startup Virginia’s Leadership Development is an introduction to personal effectiveness training through the lens of emotional intelligence and business aptitude. After a thorough orientation, members undergo an online assignment and quarterly workshops that help them gain a better understanding of themselves as individuals and business leaders, and how to best work with others.

Startup Virginia members are required to complete the following:

illustration for Member Orientation
Member Orientation
Illustration for Online Assignment
Online Assignment
Illustration for Quarterly Workshops
Quarterly Workshops


Startup Virginia Members - Free
*This is available to Startup Virginia members only.

Mentor Network

Connecting members with knowledgeable professionals who provide guidance, one-on-one coaching and business know-how.

Startup Virginia’s Mentor Network includes an exceptional lineup of successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and discerning investors, who act as partners for each of our members on their startup journey. Building relationships with individuals who understand what it takes to launch and sustain a startup is an invaluable experience that is as meaningful as it is productive.

Startup Virginia mentors offer the following:

Illustration for Office Hours
Office Hours
Illustration for Roundtable Discussions
Roundtable Discussions
Illustration for Educational Workshops
Educational Workshops
Illustration for Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Illustration for Goal Setting
Strategic Goal Setting


Startup Virginia Members - Free
*This is available to Startup Virginia members only.

Founders Roundtable

Cultivating a way to bring members together to discuss the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

Startup Virginia’s Founders Roundtable discussions are designed to encourage an open dialogue among members on the startup journey. In a relaxed, confidential setting, members share experiences, test new ideas and provide support for one another. During orientation or upon request, each Startup Virginia member is placed with up to 4 other non-competing members in a similar stage of the startup lifecycle.

Startup Virginia members benefit from the following:

Illustration for Knowledge & Expertise
Sharing Knowledge & Expertise
Illustration for Viewpoints
Exposure to Different Viewpoints
Illustration for Asking Questions
Asking Questions
Illustration for Objective Feedback
Getting Objective Feedback
Illustration for Brainstorming
Brainstorming & Problem Solving


Startup Virginia Members - Free
*This is available to Startup Virginia members only.