Startup Virginia is proud to be home to a talented group of members and their teams whose high-growth companies are setting a new trajectory for the future. If you think your business has what it takes to be a game-changer, apply to be a member of Startup Virginia and let's get started.

"Startup Virginia has helped Trilogy Mentors grow as a company, but almost more importantly, it has helped myself grow as a Founder/CEO. Being able to connect with mentors, who have been there and done it, is incredibly valuable. Whether it is looking for someone to help me put together a marketing strategy, or looking for advice on how to deal with a team conflict, Startup VA has been able to connect me to a mentor that has been in my shoes and is willing to share their experience."

— John Fallia, Trilogy Mentors

"Startup Virginia has opened up networks throughout the rest of the city, and brought attention to our company to help us start to "earn a seat at the table" so to speak; it's giving us the chance to be part of something bigger than just our own company story here in Richmond, while also connecting us with people who have contributed directly to our company success."

— Joe Belsterling, MajorClarity

"Startup Virginia has unlocked access to tons of mentors and connections that have helped us grow quickly."

— Nate Marcus, OccasionGenius

"Seasonal Roots had many false starts finding seed investing until meeting up with the good folks at Startup Virginia. The team and their mentors are truly selfless in helping companies get off the ground. Richmond doesn't yet know the gem that is forming within and how it will transform the city."

— Duane Slyder, Seasonal Roots

"Startup Virginia has been a game changer for Serving Up Change. Everyone involved in the organization has one goal in mind, and that is helping all of our startups succeed, point blank! Through Startup Virginia I have gained access to a network of experienced professionals that would have been difficult for me to reach on my own. I have logged hours and hours of one-on-one mentoring sessions on a range of topics, and through this network I was also able to quickly identify our first sales hire. In addition to the amazing Startup Virginia leadership and mentors, networking and learning from other founders has also been extremely helpful. I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to be a member and super excited about moving into the new 1717 Innovation Center!"

— Johnathan Mayo, Co-founder, Serving Up Change

"Helped us keep our site up with AWS credits."

— Skraach

"Startup Virginia has provided fertile ground to grow my company on. It has afforded me with access to a rich ecosystem of founders, investors, and mentors that helps my company thrive."

— Will Morris, EdConnective

"Startup Virginia has become the "home" for entrepreneurs in Richmond.  I cannot thank them enough for providing essentials such as quality mentors and inviting office space!"

— Jeff Beck, Answers Now

Current Members

Bit Cubs logo

Bitcubs uses a play-based approach to teach computer science to kids that include music, movement, storytelling, and animation.

Romeo Company logo

Romeo Company brings companies closer to consumers, wherever they are. Using innovative video technologies, we provide companies with an up-close, dynamic view of their customers. We capture and distill research […]

RoundlyX logo

RoundlyX is for Digital Assets.

Receivable logo makes sure small businesses get paid on time.

Grenova logo

GRENOVA reduces laboratory consumables cost and waste through innovative solutions and technologies.

goodfynd logo

Goodfynd is a platform where customers can locate and order from various food truck vendors near them. Visit the Goodfynd website

Shoe Crazy Wine Logo

Shoe Crazy Wine is a private label wine distribution company.

REI Hub logo

REI Hub provides accounting, portfolio tracking, and organizational software for real estate investors.

WorkReels logo

WorkReels develops smartphone-based tools that enable organizations to quickly and inexpensively share the authentic voice of their workforce through video. Visit the WorkReels website.

team excel logo

Team Excel leverages the power of gamification to improve student outcomes, increase engagement, and inspire a culture of service.

Hellofriend is a platform that shows students all the cool things they can do around their location and connects them to local businesses.

Data Society logo

Data Society provides bespoke data analytics programs and data services that transforms the way corporate staff learns data science.

Visual Workforce logo

Visual Workforce is a revolutionary SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that allows companies to make more informed business decisions to achieve corporate initiatives faster, easier, and less expensively than […]

ZTD logo

ZeroTouchDigital changes edge-computing economics and the reach of the cloud through automation.

Fringe logo

Fringe’s vision is to lead an overhaul in employer benefits by providing every individual with the fringe benefits they actually want. Benefits that enhance and ease the lives of employees […]

Roundtrip logo

RoundTrip drives better health outcomes by coordinating non-emergency medical transportation for hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country connecting patients with access to care.

Rudder logo

Rudder helps creatives get paid by linking digital files to invoices while providing a more streamlined transaction to their clients.

Answers Now color logo

AnswersNow supports parents and caregivers of children with autism by connecting them with a certified expert over a mobile app.

ReadWrite Digital works with schools and state departments of education to manage their data and advance data-assisted education.

Commonwealth Classics logo

Commonwealth Classics sells rare and unique classic cars that it purchases and imports from overseas.

Farmraiser helps students become champions for eating healthy food and raise money effectively. Visit the Farmraiser website

Together Bar logo

Together Bar is a whole-food nutrition bar filled with superfoods that support your mental health. logo is an online platform that provides an efficient and expanded market for buyers and sellers of materials for the commercial and industrial marketplace.

kinis logo

KINIS designs and manufactures the ultimate barefoot training footwear to help people build stronger feet.  

Trilogy Mentors logo

Trilogy Mentors is an online marketplace for parents to maximize the tutoring experience.

Iron Sheepdog logo

Iron Sheepdog is a digital platform that will fundamentally change the way construction and paving material moves and pay dirt is distributed.

kamana logo

Kamana is an online platform bringing efficiency and security to contract healthcare staffing.

unmoo logo

UnMoo takes the best nuts and seeds in the world and, with attention and time, turn them into totally delicious plant-based cheeses anyone can love. Visit the UnMoo website

quartr logo

Quartr helps you get paid for feedback that informs brands & businesses how to make the products you love better. Visit the Quartr website

Digi-Docs logo

Digi-Docs is a cloud-based compliance and document management firm that allows businesses to effectively organize information, profits, and success through our application.

Linebird logo

LineBird, patent-pending technology, allows unmanned aerial systems to make contact with and work on live power lines up to transmission levels.

Nudge logo

Nudge is a customizable online coaching platform that helps you build relationships and keep clients on track for better health.

Gourmet Hemp Foods logo

Gourmet Hemp Foods’ mission is to serve excellent foods, each and every time, with gourmet ingredients that have the power to ‘Awaken the World to the Benefits of Hemp!’

MajorClarity logo

MajorClarity helps middle and high school students actually try out careers through video and activity-based content, then matches them to courses their school offers and post-secondary pursuits based on the […]

humanitru logo

Humanitru helps nonprofits fundraise by providing software to archive and analyze donor behavior to improve relationships.

Personify logo

Personify connects brand ambassadors with brands in need of representation.

Outdoor Access logo

Outdoor Access has created a community where private landowners and members can benefit another by completing short-term reservations centered around landowner-approved outdoor recreational activities, all of which are booked/managed through […]

SEQL logo

SEQL is a solutions platform for the 21st-century athlete currently focused on democratizing the collegiate athletic recruiting process.

Trash Fairies logo

Trash Fairies contracts with owners and management companies that own or manage higher-end multi-family properties to provide the amenity of nightly valet trash pick up for their residents.

Virginia Holistic Justice Initiative logo

The Virginia Holistic Justice Initiative provides data-driven, technology-assisted solutions to end the incarceration of nonviolent offenders in the criminal justice system.

Tight Ship pairs their proprietary tools and processes with extensive experience and expertise to help businesses evaluate and gain market share through digital marketing.

Social Auto Transport logo

Social Auto Transport aims to tap into the drive service market by offering a social ride service app to provide auto dealers with an entirely new way to move their […]

Joggle logo

Joggle is a simple CRM for sales professionals. logo delivers a fashionable yet high-powered environment for all brands, designers, and their supporters.

brandefy logo

Brandefy compares value brands to name brands to save shoppers time and money.

Bionica Labs logo

Bionica Labs builds new types of digital health hardware to provide insights to both doctors and patients.


Orrio develops automated marketing tools for higher education.

CIVA logo

CIVA delivers quality technological solutions to the Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) Industry.

Kue logo

Kue is a wellness technology that activates and elevates employees through powerful breaks, supporting a culture of brisk readiness with short guiding videos and reminders for movement and stretches, breathing […]

Root Virtual Reality logo

Root Virtual Reality provides a platform of therapeutic and educational virtual reality tools that allow children from adverse home environments to better adapt to change and ultimately become well-adjusted and […]

Buddy logo

Buddy helps you fearlessly enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle. They do this by managing your exposure to the unexpected costs of an accident.

Naborforce logo

Naborforce uses a tech-enabled platform to connect aging adults needing light assistance and companionship with compassionate people in the community seeking flexible income and an opportunity to stay connected and […]

Clean Trade logo

Clean Trade connects independent dealers with people looking to trade in their car. We cut out the middle man, getting people more cash for their trade in, and providing small […]

atlantic drone pros logo

Atlantic Drone Pros provides leading-edge software for remotely piloted aircraft. Visit the Atlantic Drone Pros website.