Apply to Mentor - Applications will open September 2023.

Mentor Applications are currently closed. We will reopen applications in September 2023. Please check back.

We will evaluate applications for mentors from any background or discipline that applies to high-growth businesses. However, we are currently focused on onboarding mentors who have the following experience:

  • Sales expertise with technology platforms (especially SaaS products and two-sided marketplaces)
  • Marketing expertise with technology platforms and consumer goods
  • Consumer product manufacturing experience
  • Active accredited angel investors and venture capitalists
  • Founders who have successfully exited a startup or raised significant funding
  • Individuals who have been key employees of a startup (COO, CTO, CMO, CFO)

If you are accepted into our mentor program, you are expected to allocate a minimum of 4 volunteer hours per quarter, respond to all emails and messages from Startup Virginia staff and member companies, and report any mentoring activity every month.