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Startup Virginia is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a long-term, sustainable economy for Virginia. With support from our community partners, mentors, investors and donors, we help entrepreneurs of high-growth startups reach their full potential.

Our Story

In 2016, Startup Virginia was founded by like-minded entrepreneurs deeply invested in Richmond’s innovation ecosystem. In a region of over four million people between Richmond, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, and the Tidewater area, they saw an opportunity to create an incubator focused on helping high-growth, scalable companies. This organization would centralize and better serve the needs of entrepreneurs, investors and the community at large.

Arrangements for space were made and the amazing 1717 building was acquired in the heart of downtown Richmond. A set of experienced mentors who had literally “been there, done that” were recruited. Educational programs helped the companies fill in knowledge gaps. Regional funding sources were cultivated to create a more efficient funding network and financial giant Capital One graciously offered to assist with the initiative and final implementation.

In March 2018, Startup Virginia opened its amazing new facility, and was immediately home to over 50 startups and 150 people. Founded and led by entrepreneurs, Startup Virginia will become a bastion of growth for startups in central Virginia and beyond.

This is only the beginning.

Our Team

Executive Director
Communications Coordinator
Program Coordinator

Board of Directors

CEO / Consult360
CVA Angels
Managing Director / Spanish Moss Holdings
Founding Board Member
CEO / Hot Technology Holdings
Founding Board Member
VP, Software Engineering / Capital One

Startup Virginia Supporters

With gratitude, we acknowledge the generosity of our corporate and government supporters who provide funding and support to maintain our high-quality education and event programs.

Founding Partner

National Partner

Community Partners

We are proud to be part of an energetic community that provides access, exposure and opportunities to local entrepreneurs and startups at any stage.


A co-working space encouraging creativity and collaboration.


An incubator for Richmond’s innovation ecosystem.


Build RVA is a community makerspace and product incubator.


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Dom Resources Innovation Center

A stem tech start-up providing co-working space and resources.


A co-working space to meet, network, collaborate, and work.


A non-profit, mentor-driven startup accelerator program.


New Richmond Ventures is a venture capitalist group advancing creativity and innovation in Richmond.


A joint initiative with the City of Richmond that assists local startups.


A premier volunteer, non-profit providing free small business advice.


A one stop shop offering small business assistance and guidance.


A non-profit incubator assisting low-income entrepreneurs.


A member-based forum for new entrepreneurial ventures in Richmond.