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Kue is a wellness technology that activates and elevates employees through powerful breaks, supporting a culture of brisk readiness with short guiding videos and reminders for movement and stretches, breathing and mindfulness, and posture.

Introduce yourself.
Andrew K. Duffy, Chief Vibrance Officer, Kue

What does a typical day look like for you?
I start my day with a breathing and intention exercise, getting present to where and how I am and what I want to generate for the day. What actions do I want to take, and what are they in service of? What impact do I want to have? How can I create a joyful and vibrant day for myself and others?

On most days, I work out for a few hours at the local Gold’s gym where I’ve made some friends, or hike, then walk the city for a bit and make a few calls or take care of errands while enjoying the weather. Lunch follows, oftentimes outdoors with friends, to connect with them and hear what’s going on for them. After lunch, I’ll work or take care of errands for a bit until I make lunch for my brother, of whom I’m taking care of as he manages a few debilitating health conditions. More calls or errands until a dinner with my brother or friends, and another post-meal walk to reflect on the day, then ease in to sleep with some foam rolling and relaxation.

What inspired you to start your company?
I was inspired to contribute to and impact 100x the amount of people I had worked with as a personal trainer after realizing that I am fulfilled and vibrant when I contribute to a large number of people in a way that works for me. I also wanted to create a career opportunity that offered me freedom and choice with my time and location while also earning enough for me to continue down my path of achieving financial independence by the age of 45. The problem I wanted to solve was the diminishing physical well-being, energy, focus, motivation, and productivity among my clients and millions of people who work while sedentary most of the day.

What’s your favorite thing to do?
I enjoy making meals that are enjoyable, easy, affordable, and nutrient-rich, so that they are wholly nourishing! I like to play with flavors, textures, colors, and temperatures, while also considering the balance of nutrients.
I also enjoy nature and the seasons, and volunteering and being with people in need. I am curious about and interested in experiencing different types of visual art, especially modern art which I started collecting a few years ago, and live music and cultures!

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