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America’s Ticket provides all citizens an equal opportunity to run for office without needing millions of dollars or party affiliations, and gives voters choice and control in an unbiased and negative-free environment.

Introduce yourself.
Timothy Baker, Founder and CEO. Philip Search, Founder and CRO. Nick Bawa, Founder and CTO.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Timothy: Days usually start at 5 a.m. handling my daily responsibilities as the Client Relations Manager for my client Bon Secours throughout Virginia. Once a little more funding comes in, I will depart from this role and be solely focused on America’s Ticket. A little later in the morning, I work with my wife getting three kids ready for the day and off to school. Once they are off to school, my day transitions back and forth between the CRM role and building America’s Ticket. At this stage of our startup, it is a lot of research and pitching so I tend to find myself either in front of a computer learning more about upcoming election’s candidates, on conference calls with the team and political figures or preparing for the next pitch. The CRM tasks wind down around 5 p.m. and then I spend some time with the family. Around 8 p.m., I spend more time working on necessary tasks with America’s Ticket continue usually until around 11 p.m. And that is a typical day in the life of this founder. When I can find the time, I enjoy everything and anything outdoors and a good sporting event to relax.

What inspired you to start your company?
Following the 2008 election, I felt I was not given a choice in my leaders and knew that had to change and if it was going to happen it was up to me to make it happen.

What are your favorite things to do?
Hang out with the family, watch the kids perform their sports or activities, a good meal, golf, hiking, reading, exploring, and most definitely inventing new things.

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