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Rudder helps creatives get paid by linking digital files to invoices while providing a more streamlined transaction to their clients.


Introduce yourself.
Daniel Bagbey, Co-Founder, Rudder

What does a typical day look like for you?
My days consist of producing videos and creative content, learning constantly about new techniques, software or skills, developing new business and opportunities for myself and others, exploring Richmond, enjoying the River, listening to hours of music, and lots and lots of thinking.

What inspired you to start your company?
While establishing my video production company, I constantly ran into hurtles. The biggest challenges actually arose when I worked with other small businesses, and mainly involved getting paid. How to consistently get paid on time with as few administrative steps as possible became an essential question my business had to solve. On two separate occasions, I spent 4 months and 8 months respectively, tracking down payment for work I had delivered to the clients. Project management tools such as Bonsai, AndCo, and Honeybook provide some great resources, but none of them took steps to eliminate the possibility of an outstanding invoice. With all of these tools I could wind up in the same position I found myself before – chasing down a payment.

So I set out to create a better invoicing and project management tool that could do more than quickly create invoices. Rudder, as I would later call it, would actually eliminate the possibility outstanding invoices altogether. By linking deliverables and invoices, Rudder knows when payments are past due, and can require completed payment in order to receive future deliverables from the freelancer; a simple but innovative solution for small businesses like mine to help freelancers stay on track, save time and effort, and get paid faster.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
I love that Virginia respects its own natural beauty. Compared to other eastern states, Virginia has done a wonderful job of preserving the natural beauty it has.

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