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Personify connects brand ambassadors with brands in need of representation.

Introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Catie Kilmury and I’m the Founder and CEO of Personify. I grew up in Alabama, where I attended college at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. After graduating, I moved to Richmond to continue my career in brand marketing.

What does a typical day look like for you?
During the week, I can usually be found with my laptop open in one of Richmond’s many cafes, coffee shops, or libraries. I start my morning by listing my goals for that day; then, I move through my day by crossing them off my list one by one. Each goal I cross through is an accomplishment, and seeing the list grow shorter and shorter keeps me motivated to achieve what I set out to do that day.

Though I sometimes end up working longer than planned, I make a conscious effort to stay mentally and physically balanced. To keep myself grounded, I enjoy exercising, baking, and exploring Richmond’s hospitality scene.

What inspired you to start your company?
For the past five years, I have worked in the brand ambassador industry as both a brand ambassador and an ambassador manager. As an ambassador, I was able to make great money having fun and representing brands I loved! Unfortunately, I realized as a manager that recruiting brand ambassador talent is an extremely challenging task. Traditional recruitment methods don’t reach the right talent, and there are no platforms available to link compatible brands and ambassadors. Thus, I decided to found Personify, a company that I hope will forward the ambassador industry and enable others to experience the same rewarding, enjoyable work I did as a brand ambassador.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
I absolutely love the history and culture of Virginia, especially that of Colonial America! To me, Virginia is marked by determination. It’s impossible not to feel inspired when you visit a place like St. John’s Church and imagine how resolute the colonists were in their pursuit of liberty. That Virginian determination is the perfect mindset for startups to emulate!

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