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Kamana is an online platform bringing efficiency and security to contract healthcare staffing.

Introduce yourself.
Hi! We’re Kamana: Dave Dworschak (CEO), John Modica (CCO), Kiere (CTO), and Nick Toce (CDO).

We’re a software platform for healthcare employers and professionals to manage onboarding, credential management, and internal workflows faster, more securely, at lower costs. Kamana’s health-specific design allows staffing agencies and their talent to successfully complete and secure their next contract far more efficiently.

What does a typical day look like for you?
We’re constantly interacting with our users: healthcare professionals, staffing agency owners, and recruiters. In an industry like health-tech, we’re focused a great deal on staying aware of industry changes, recruiter needs, onboarding processes, best security + data practices, and extending development roadmaps so Kamana continues to be the single tool for healthcare professional to manage their entire career.

What inspired you to start your company?
Our CCO, John, is a career travel nurse. His complaints and, ultimately, lack of data security compelled us to create Kamana. There simply wasn’t a tool available that he could use to onboard with recruiters in a secure, rapid manner. So, we built one for him! What can we say… we’re all good friends!

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
We love it here. Proximity to the beach, the mountains, the breweries, the people, pro-dog environments, pro-bike mentality, the wonderful people, endless list of amazing eateries, the supportive startup culture… we’re here to stay. 😊

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