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One Benefactor is a company that uses technology for good! Our first product OneGivv is an all-in-one, social, giving platform that connects donors to the communities and causes they care about.

Introduce yourself.
James Koroma, CEO
Lena Bryant, COO
Hayley Durudogan, Director of Growth

What does a typical day look like for you?
James: I usually start my day off by checking emails. Then, as a team, we begin the day with a stand-up meeting to see how everyone is feeling, where everyone is currently in their work, and how we can help them as a team throughout the week! Following, I connect with the development team project manager as well as all other development members to set up our weekly sprints, review short & long term objectives, and address any issues or new ideas we may have! Being the goofy type, I love to add a little flare to the UI/UX designs I work on and finish up my long work day up with an episode of Shark Tank or Dragons Den (UK, Canada)!

Lena: I begin my day by checking emails, Slack, Flipboard, business accounts, and Quickbooks Online for any updates. Following that, as a team, we have our morning standup meeting where we discuss how we feel, current work, and any help anyone may need throughout the week. If it’s a Monday, we also include our brainstorming/planning meeting (my favorite) where we fit in time for any new, crazy ideas team members may have come up with in their spare time! Being a music and movie-lover, I always like to incorporate music into the work day at the office and settle down during the wee hours of the night with a good movie or documentary.

Hayley: Life in the startup space is ever-changing and for me, that’s one of its innumerable benefits. Each new day is accompanied by new challenges, which means that it is impossible to be bored at work. For instance, some days I may be working on developing blog posts, while on other days I may be meeting with nonprofits in the local area, other days still I may be developing social media posts for our Instagram or Facebook. Each day brings something new but my post-work schedule tends to be fairly routine. I usually end my day with takeout, my cooking abilities are supremely subpar, and a book or movie! These days I am trying to keep up with my french and have thus been reading whichever French-language books I can get my hands on.

What inspired you to start your company?
The initial thought for creating One Benefactor began from a notification James received one day while we were hanging out and it shocked both of us. Millions of dollars were said to have gone missing from a nonprofit in Sierra Leone and a well-known large nonprofit in the U.S. No transparency was given to the people and many were left homeless following this massive earthquake that the money was raised to help them recover from. We instantly knew we had to help these people and the giving sector as a whole and through this, the company One Benefactor was born.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
James: I believe Virginia is one of the best places to live in the world and I love everything about it!

Lena: What I love most about Virginia is the beautiful weather, the natural parks, the morning birds, the slight breeze you get by the rivers you can visit, and the undoubtedly great sense of ‘Home’ that Virginia has given me.

Hayley: While there are many aspects of life in Virginia that I enjoy, I would have to say that my favorite part of living here is access to the inimitable El Caporal. If you haven’t been to this gem of a Mexican food restaurant, I would highly recommend going. Their queso is a triumph.

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