Maple is your secret weapon for personal growth giving you a suite of online tools that support your
life’s journey and development activities, no matter what they are.

Introduce Yourself
Christine Dawson, Mastermind and Multitasker &; Scott Waletzko, Master Builder and Mad Scientist

What does a typical day look like for you?
Every day is unique depending on which hats need wearing and who is doing it. We work virtually, and
mornings are typically when we exchange new ideas or clarify priorities. Scott is usually focused on
designing, developing, testing and maintaining the Maple site and its administration system while
Christine is networking, crystalizing system requirements, managing Maple’s social media presence and
blog and running the day to day portion of the business. We set aside one
afternoon a week to work side by side on anything from strategy to investment materials. Those
meetings can be intense and we wrap them up with wine and food! We don’t get as much time to
recharge as we’d like but when we do you might find Scott out for a run or on his Harley and Christine is
likely to be found in the garden or on the deck deep in a book, probably one about personal growth.

What inspired you to start your company?
Christine started the company, officially called R. Alliance, LLC, back in 2007 and Scott joined as a
Managing Partner in 2011. After years of successful work as consultants for IT and HR projects we
noticed that the greatest barrier clients had was the ability to internalize their insights and consciously
consider their options, giving themselves time to think deeply on issues. We decided to pivot the
business towards the people side of projects to address that. As a coach and OD professional Christine
wanted a single place where people could work on their ideas and personal development and get ever
so gentle nudges about their insights and have it all in one place. After a lengthy venting session, Scott
sized up the wish list and declared “I can build that!” and Maple began to take root. We instantly knew

that we were done with consulting and that creating this resource would become our focus. The first
phase of Maple functionality was officially launched in late fall of 2017 and work is underway now on
Maple Pro, to serve the coaching and personal growth provider community.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
Since we are both from the Northeast, we love that we get to experience all four seasons in Virginia but
that we don’t have to endure months of snow. Plus the RVA offers all of the advantages of a larger city
and access to the great outdoors within a short car ride.

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