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REI Hub provides accounting, portfolio tracking, and organizational software for real estate investors.

Introduce yourself.

Jon Carrier and Adam Hamilton are co-founders of REI Hub.

What does a typical day look like for you?
For Adam, the day starts with walking the dog and black tea for breakfast. I think about my priorities for the day during the commute in and try to work on impact areas early in the day. Of course, in an early stage start-up, those priorities can shift quickly! Whenever I hit a snag I find a quick 15-minute walk gets me back on track! I prefer to save less thought-intensive tasks for the afternoon hours when my energy has started to flag. Then it’s home to cook dinner, play some tennis if I’m lucky, and get ready to do it again!

For Jon, days start as the kids wake up. It always feels too early, but having early risers also gives me time to spend with them before preschool dropoff and heading to work. I code, muse and strategize my way through the day, and invariably leave feeling like there is more work left to be done than there was when I arrived. Outside the office, I like soccer and can sing plenty of Raffi songs (poorly).

What inspired you to start your company?
Everybody rents at some time or another, often directly from another individual. Why shouldn’t the independent landlord have the same tools available to them as the professional property manager? We believe good software can help create a better experience for landlord and tenant alike.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
Virginia has EVERYTHING! From hiking in Shenandoah to swimming at the beach, from small towns and farms to big cities, Virginia has it all. Four seasons too!

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