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The Captains’ Coach inspires athletes to lead their teams more effectively and help coaches to systematically develop them.

Introduce yourself.

My name is Ben Smith and I am the founder of the Captains’ Coach. I left active duty in July 2018 and moved over to the reserves as a Tactical Psyops Detachment Commander. I decided to commit to the company full time once I left active duty.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I wake up in the morning and exercise at the Ft. Lee gym. I then spend about 30-45 minutes to eat breakfast with my wife and play with my son. After breakfast, I start getting to work on the computer or whiteboard creating content (videos, books, curriculum) or strategizing for the company. Usually, this takes up the first half of the day from 8-4 p.m., and then I usually am out coaching or mentoring for athletes, high schools, universities, sports teams, or organizations.

What inspired you to start your company?
I have been involved with sports my entire life; I have served as both player, captain, and coach throughout the years. In my experience, the best teams that I have been on that have gone on to win championships have had amazing team captains and coaches that were willing to hand over some level of control to them. Recently, research has come out to show that the team captain or internal player leadership, is the driving force behind the results of a team – more so than the coach, tactics, or resources. The problem is that the majority of athletes do not know how to lead their teams. They don’t understand the actionable steps to take to effectively lead their teams to develop a competitive advantage. The team captaincy role and sports, in general, is the perfect incubator for leadership development when utilized correctly. A few have tried to address this problem but have not had luck in scaling their services. We are hoping to bring a brand new approach to this niche in a way that’s scalable and impactful to change the very nature of how we train and perform in sports.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
I love how Virginia has it all. You have the mountains to the west, the beach to the east, plenty of open space in the southern portion, and Washington D.C with all of its history right up the road. You also get all 4 seasons here which is nice as well.

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