Our mobile and web application lets you “learn any language while texting your

Introduce yourself.
Will Jordan-Cooley, CEO and Founder,

What does a typical day look like for you?
In a typical day, I’ll program for 4 hours immediately after breakfast. Then I’ll go for
a run, take a shower, and eat lunch. I’ll play a little bit of music during the sleepy
post-lunch times. Then I’ll do some work, mixture of design, team management, and
business development.

What inspired you to start your company?
I was learning Spanish to talk to my girlfriend. I liked the structure of Duolingo but
not the content and separation from real, social interaction. I liked to text in the
Spanish but it was hard to get started and I went back and forth between Google
Translate a lot. So, I decided to combine the experiences into conversation-based
learning, scaffolded by in-app translation and practice activities using your
conversations as content.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
Got to be Mom’s kitchen. 😉

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