Hugo Render provides visualization support to clients struggling to interpret and understand architectural, engineering, and other design/planning schemes through 3D renderings and animations.

Introduce yourself.
Adam Hugo -> Founder and Creative Director

Nate Llewellyn -> Director of Operations

What does a typical day look like for you?
It’s hard to describe a typical day for us because every day is unique. Like most startups, something new comes up almost every day at Hugo Render, and we are constantly adapting to the flow of the business. One day we might be pulling an all-nighter to expedite a project for a client, and the next day we might be building a PC to add to our arsenal. This spontaneous spirit extends to our personal lives where we do things without much planning because a great opportunity presents itself. Seeking discomfort on a daily basis is a good way to grow and experience things that we never thought we would.

What inspired you to start your company?
Adam was working for a surveying company that was struggling to visualize their 3D models and building documents. He started looking into visualization solutions, and learned a path of programs that would allow him to express data in realistic videos and images. Because surveying is based on existing conditions rather than proposed, his skill set was better suited for renovations and developments. From there he purchased the software, hardware, and computer that he was currently using from the surveying company, and began to look for clients.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
Our favorite thing about Virginia is the easy access to world class outdoor recreation. With the city and riverfront mountain biking, fishing, white water rapids, and outdoor climbing spots, it’s hard to get bored in Virginia.

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