PivotPass: Always Moving

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or reluctant to even put on tennis shoes, PivotPass has something for you. Boasting an offering of 400+ classes a week at local gyms, PivotPass is for everyone from yogis and Crossfitters, to triathletes and people who just want to work off brunch. Co-founders April Palmer and Brig Leland got the idea for PivotPass in late 2015; April was reviewing their credit card bill for and realized they were spending way too much on gym memberships, class packs, and drop-ins at their favorite gyms. They realized that there had to be a better way, and launched the company less than 45 days later.

Here’s how it works: Unlike other gym memberships, PivotPass is free to sign up and there are no contracts or minimum monthly commitments, plus you can choose from on-demand and monthly passes to amazing studios. PivotPass is for more than the individual though, it can also be used as a corporate wellness offering for employers looking to support their employees’ healthy lifestyles; any existing program can be enhanced. PivotPass offers tiered options and include employee engagement plans designed to engage the entire workforce, regardless of size or industry. The goal of the program is, by the founders’ own words, “to make achieving fitness easier, because we believe that when a person is their healthiest self, they can live their most fulfilling life”

April and Brig believe in this whole-heartedly, as they are both avid movers themselves. You can catch Brig rolling into 1717 on his longboard, trying to start an office run, or doing crossfit on days he’s not in the office. April prefers more out-of-the-box workouts, especially if it involves getting upside down or being in the water. You can find her standup paddle boarding, practicing handstand push-ups, or trying to sneak in an aerial or rope-wall yoga class. In her own words, “I’m currently working on my ability to happily do things that don’t elicit the comment “you’re crazy” from whomever is watching, but I just love the thrill of pushing beyond my boundaries and find myself seeking out ways to experience something exhilarating!”

PivotPass continues to expand their network, continually adding new gyms to their register and clients to their platform and it’s all thanks to hard work and passion. April says it best, “entrepreneurship is like fitness: You can’t achieve your goals overnight. Along the way you will need great coaches, combined with a solid plan and realistic goals. Combine all of that with willingness embrace the good days and push through on days when you want to stay in bed and snooze, and the ability to take a look at where you are at any given time and iterate to become stronger and healthier, then you will be successful.”