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Sabreez propagates the Wind Number and Solar Boost through our API and our Daily Clean Energy Forecast. The Wind Number and Solar Boost help electric power utilities, telecommunications companies, and other smart home companies show their customers when the electric power supply is cleaner and costs less.

Introduce yourself.
I’m Scott Hoppe. I’m a geologist, the CEO of Sabreez, and the inventor of the Wind Number and Solar Boost.  

What does a typical day look like for you?
Each morning I check the California Independent System Operator’s website for predicted statewide electric power demand and review the weather forecast for the state’s wind and solar resource areas. Then I create a daily clean energy forecast and promote it on social media. Then I do all the other normal Startup CEO things like make breakfast…then work, work, work.

 What inspired you to start your company?
As a geologist, I understand the ramifications (and market opportunity) of global warming. I started my first company, Smart Haus Associates, in 2009 with the goal of creating a scalable business model combining solar with solar home technologies. It was incredibly difficult to get people to buy; yet every one of my prospects wanted to use clean energy — even the ones that loved oil with an unnatural passion. My customer conversations and continued evaluation of the pain felt by other businesses led me to create our messaging system, which provides value to a range of stakeholders in the smart grid industries.  

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
Virginia has so many of the desirable attributes that I grew up with in California, but with a much more balanced lifestyle. My family and I love living here.

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