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Mindful Mornings is a national organization whose mission it is to unite, teach, and inspire do-gooders along their journeys toward making the world a better place by establishing Chapters in cities throughout the country that exist to shine a light on the people, programs and initiatives that support the social good through a speaker series, and by encouraging collaboration.



Introduce yourself.
Becky Crump, Founder, Mindful Mornings

What does a typical day look like for you?
I am the Founder of Mindful Mornings, which I anticipate nurturing into international growth and influence. I’m the mother of a blended family of five. I’m a human who needs to stay active (although sometimes fail in that effort) — and require time coming home to a mindfulness practice. I have my masters in clinical integrative nutrition – and fully believe that what we put in our mouths is at the center of some of the most terrifying crises of our time. I believe that the alignment of skill, passion, community need and compassionately listening to self and others are the keys to success at work and in life. I stay busy — and it’s that densely packed life that forces me to use each moment wisely. I seek to acquire moments of wisdom that I can share with others to help them along their life journey. I follow my intuition above all else. And my life’s goal is to give to the world more than I take from it.

What inspired you to start your company?
I saw a need. I had a skill. And I had a passion. Those aligned and Mindful Mornings was born. That need was to breakdown silos in the social good sector in Richmond. The skill was my ability to create unique programming, and market it. And my passion was to impact the social good, inspiring change that would serve our community – perhaps even the world. The model of Mindful Mornings is not unique. The approach to unite people based on soulset not mindset, however, exists in few spaces beyond faith-based communities.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
I love Virginia because of the diverse terrain, the history, and the (quite honestly) cost of living. I’m blessed enough to live on the James River, which provides me opportunities to kayak, paddleboard, and ogle Bald Eagles. I’m lucky every day to have this life; not one moment is lost on me.

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