The Legendary Veggie Fairies

To start the Seasonal Roots story, we find ourselves in rural Virginia. Here we see a young Duane Slyder helping his family raise cattle and horses and grow produce in the garden. Duane grew up enjoying the fruits of his labor on the dinner table every night after a hard day’s work; and truly there is nothing better. Once he grew up, he moved off the farm and into a strange new land called suburbs. In this place, everyone got their food from huge stores where the produce was shipped from far away places. He quickly learned that this produce may look the same as he remembered, but instead of being grown for flavor and nutrition, it was selected for high yield and long shelf life. To make matters worse, by the time it arrived in the grocery store, it was typically a week old and well on the way to losing whatever nutrients and flavor it had.

Duane realized that this was his moment, that his destiny was upon him. He wanted everyone to know and share in the joy he had experienced growing up, the simple joy of eating the best food you can get. He gathered a team of like-minded people and stepped onto the path that fate had laid out for him: He became the fearless leader of the veggie fairies.

You might know them better as Seasonal Roots, and if you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing out. They proudly adopted the title of “veggie fairy” after a member of Seasonal Roots found her children gathered at the window. When she asked what they were doing, they  exclaimed with excitement: “We’re waiting for the veggie fairies!” They were waiting for their local food to arrive from Seasonal Roots!

As a company, Seasonal Roots is dedicated to providing the most delicious produce you’ve ever tasted, in the most sustainable and uncomplicated way possible. Simply put, they get the food directly from local farmers and deliver it to your house. It truly works like magic: You order online, signing in as a member or guest and filling your basket with whatever seasonal delicacies are on offer. If you’re a member, you can customize your produce and order unlimited grass-fed dairy, eggs, meat, and artisan fare. It’s like an online farmer’s market. Everything in the market comes from local farmers and food artisans who use sustainable, humane farming methods to grow the most flavorful and nutritious produce, raise happy, healthy animals, and make wholesome, all-natural baked goods, honey, tofu, prepared meals, and more. After you’ve made your choices, all you have to do is wait for the veggie fairies to leave everything right at your door.

Duane and his veggie fairy team are working every day to ensure everyone gets the fresh, local food they deserve; and thus a local legend is born.


Seasonal Roots is a member of the Startup Virginia high-growth incubator in Richmond, Virginia.