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Introduce yourself.
Steve Perkins, Founder & CEO, Greenhouse Culture

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day for me includes two things: doing & being. I believe in having big success and impact, while also fully experiencing life. I don’t believe it’s a tradeoff. And my mission is to grow in this and help others experience the same. Most days are focused on relationships, food, music, inventing better ways, connecting people and ideas, coaching high-growth people to make dreams a reality, constantly learning and adjusting, and constantly failing at following the rules. You will also not find me doing lots of detailed planning, or successfully answering questions that begin with, “What’s your favorite…?” I listen to endless podcasts, and probably talk about them too much. I don’t focus on competition – everything is an opportunity, and I enjoy thriving together. I dislike dreaming without action and acting without vision. I’m an ‘AND’ guy. I’ve been a constant student of life and wisdom since I was a kid. So, for me, it’s thrilling finding creative ways to put that wisdom to work so people can live more thoroughly. So they can bring to life what they’re meant to be and do.

What inspired you to start your company?

The summer after my first year in college, I worked at an industrial greenhouse. The plants had an incredible growth rate, and quality was almost always on par with the results we wanted. However, we never spent time on the plants! We worked on the environment – humidity, soil quality, removing weeds… and growth happened all on its own.

I value variety and perspective, so I’ve intentionally worked in 14 different industries, from startup to Fortune 50. I’ve been a student of life, leadership, and organizational culture throughout those experiences. And I discovered one common problem:

Owner and business potential is unreached because they focus on seeds, but not the environment. Leaders aren’t fulfilling their aspirations and companies aren’t reaching the success desired, because they aren’t cultivating personal and organizational culture.

Culture where growth happens naturally.

For example, most leaders live in the ‘OR’ mindset – a tendency to employ only one part of the growth equation. They have the seeds (products/strategies) – they have the cultivators (teams/supplies) – but they don’t have the mindsets/behaviors/systems that allow their true potential to consistently become reality. Thus, energy is spent treating the symptoms with all sorts of tools and tasks, only to find the fix is temporary at best. And repeat the cycle.

Additionally, the solutions available for this issue are broken. They’re suffering from the same ‘OR’ approach that plagues the customers they strive to help.

  • Expert consultants are good but you’re dependent on their presence
  • Self-driven content is good but isn’t customized to your situation
  • Inspiration-only offerings don’t address the realities of habit change. They provide hype that doesn’t stick – new for a day, then back to old habits
  • Internal efforts are self-defeating since they fail to bridge leadership and grassroots, as well as older and younger generations
  • Coaching can be great but most under delivers due to addressing only mindsets or practices

Thus, my inspiration for Greenhouse Culture is twofold. We will develop personal and company cultures that increase profits and purpose. And we’ll do it in an innovative way that produces results customers can’t stop talking about – both in quality and in scale. It’s a new way of thinking, so it requires an entirely new approach.

I’m introducing a platform built on the ‘AND’ mindset. Scalable technology solutions with artificial intelligence AND human-to-human expert-driven experiences. Delivered with a triple-threat approach that addresses the ‘head, heart, & hand’. Mindsets AND passions AND actions.

What’s your favorite thing about Virginia?
I love Richmond, Virginia. It’s a ‘not yet’ place. It’s on the verge of big things, but still fairly unknown. And I love that dynamic. Most tend to focus on where there are already proven results, but I like to focus on where there’s potential yet untapped. Richmond has amazing food, character, music, entrepreneurs, and access to nature. Midsize cities in general are on the rise, since they have access through technology, but are not hindered by the hyper-competitive and transient nature of main-stage cities. And they are underestimated. While everyone’s focusing on the ‘already there’ (which usually only have downward to go since they’ve stopped growing and dreaming), the ‘not yet’s’ are free from the upkeep and building great things.


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