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Seasonal Roots helps families eat better and live better by connecting them with local, sustainable farmers and food artisans utilizing online ordering and home delivery.



Introduce yourself.
Duane Slyder, Founder of Seasonal Roots

What does a typical day look like for you?
As an entrepreneur, my day is busy with work on finance, software development, sales, operations, human resources, etc. – the entire gamut of running a business.  My task is to remove all work within the company from my plate and focus on working on the company, a continual struggle. The company culture has been created where each team member is expected to do independent work, own their projects, and complete them without management monitoring. This makes us a team of self-motivators and middle management non-existent.

Also, as an entrepreneur, my interest is Seasonal Roots.  The job requires 7 days a week focus, but I enjoy it and try hard to not burn out.

What inspired you to start your company?
I grew up on a gentlemen farm and always had a vegetable garden which we ate out of regularly.

As a suburban father, wondered why produce didn’t taste as good as I remembered and with research learned that most grocery store produce is a week or even months old.  Grocery stores are essentially selling a lie, ‘fresh’ produce, with most of the nutritional value decreasing 60% within the first week – which one can tell by the degradation in taste.

Worked with local farmers and artisans to create a system that delivers local food to our members within a few days of harvest, while it’s still fresh and has more flavor and nutrients.


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