Spotlight Update: OccasionGenius


Imagine one huge room where you can try out virtual reality, bubble soccer, escape rooms, laser tag, hammock yoga, and iron chef. These are just some of the activities you’ll get to experience if you’re lucky enough to be an employee at select companies, thanks to OccasionGenius – which makes sure there’s never a dull moment.

As OccasionGenius rolls out the first of its 2018 Team Outing Expo series, Capital One, Suntrust, and SnagaJob have set dates for these 100% interactive experiences. Employees get to play laser tag in the cubicles, try out space pirate video games, and experience boot camp with navy seals. There’s even going to be an 8-foot-tall 10×10 magic-themed escape room with light-up wands that cast spells to open sealed doors.
Further highlighting OccasionGenius’ unique offering, AMF Bowling recently signed a sponsorship agreement for the Expo series in an effort to “get in the game” so to speak. AMF has agreed to headline the events bringing Mega Bowling with inflatable pins and a large bouncy ball. The partnership allows OccasionGenius to move faster into more markets.
Seeking to further enhance company culture, OccasionGenius is planning to host more expos at companies with 200+ employees. For the rest of us, OccasionGenius provides a calendar of ideas based on each user’s unique interests. With so much going on in town, there’s no excuse to not have an amazing weekend.  

OccasionGenius is a member of the StartUp Virginia high growth incubator in Richmond, Virginia.