EdConnective: Teaching the Teacher


Continuing in the line of education technology companies we have here at Startup Virginia, we are proud to present EdConnective.

Started by founder Will Morris while he was attending graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, EdConnective provides an individualized approach to help teachers move from good, to great. He realized that the quality of the teacher in the classroom is the most powerful variable in terms of student outcomes, and that the change had to start there. As Will says, “our goal is not only to ensure that every student has a high-quality teacher, but also that every teacher has access to a high-quality coach”. Will developed his idea further in the Village Capital Edtech Accelerator and by participating in Education Design Studio as a fellow before coming to Startup Virginia.

Here’s how it works: Once a school decides to work with EdConnective, each teacher is paired with one of the company’s many master educators, who will use their expertise to provide personalized feedback. The teacher simply records their class for their coach to watch, and then they live chat about what the teacher did well, as well as what could have been better. Unlike official evaluations which go on record, this alternative provides a low stakes, and comfortable situation. Without that stress, a teacher can entirely focus on improvement.EdConnective is now working in five states and serving hundreds of teachers, providing 2 years’ worth of feedback in a single semester, and the difference is the individualized support. As Will himself says, “it is not canned content,” it’s the human element that sets them apart. The results are measured by the success of the students. In schools where EdConnective has been implemented, student test scores, as well as classroom engagement, have increased significantly. All of this, and at a much lower cost than comparable alternatives.
Will says, for both teachers and students, “they aren’t just staying in school and struggling, they’re staying in and thriving”.


Founder and CEO of EdConnective, Will Morris
EdConnective is a member of the StartUp Virginia high growth incubator in Richmond, Virginia.