Trilogy Mentors: The Hearts of Education


There are so many ways technology can be integrated into a learning environment, but no one has really considered how to make it personal, until now. Trilogy Mentors is an education tech company here at Startup Virginia that aims to bring together the best parts of online tutoring, and the best parts of mentorship programs into one easy to use platform. Kids need something more than just cold tutoring, because let’s be real here, life is more than just memorizing the quadratic formula or being able to recite Hamlet’s third soliloquy. Trilogy will certainly help you with these purely academic “hard skills,” however they also help a student develop “soft skills”. Soft skills include things such as organization, goal setting, and learning how to study rather than just memorizing. This will help the student integrate the information they are learning into real life, leading to a more well rounded individual. 

Here’s how it works: 1. Trilogy matches each student with a mentor based on availability, subject, and alignment.

This means that not only will your child be matched with a mentor who is certified in their subject, but will also share other interests. For example, if your child loves to play basketball, Trilogy will match them with a mentor who played basketball in college.

2. The student will log in to this:

Allowing for real time video chat, text, and an interactive whiteboard, to work on any given subject.3. The mentor and student work together to make a weekly schedule, factoring in time required to study for tests, needed break time, and extracurriculars; all on a personal basis.

4. After the session is over, the student provides feedback on their mentor. Likewise, the mentor fills out a comprehensive report for parents/ teachers, allowing them to stay fully engaged in the student’s progress.

In terms of cost, Trilogy sits below the market average, not factoring in that they will work with underfunded programs to provide a reasonable pricing option. The Trilogy Mentors team are firm believers that every student should have the chance to succeed, regardless of where they come from. After hundreds of hours of tutoring across the U.S., and even in other countries, Trilogy stands out a cut above the rest for their excellence, their passion, and the personality they bring to the edtech world.    

Trilogy Mentors is a member of the Startup Virginia high growth incubator in Richmond, Virginia.