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Our growing network of investors is integral to the success of our startups within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. From active investors offering guidance, to passive investors providing funding, they are key to building businesses that move our Commonwealth forward.

For Investors: Why Invest in Startups

In addition to the standard benefits such as portfolio diversification and potential higher returns, when you invest in member companies at Startup Virginia, you help shape the economic landscape of Virginia.

While investing is the primary focus, our overall goal is to foster more engagement between investors and startup companies in the region. Entrepreneurs and their teams need much more than just capital. At Startup Virginia, we envision the angel investor community taking a more active role in connecting with companies in which they are interested, providing mentoring and making connections for sales, partnerships and strategic hiring. Our education and event programs provide natural opportunities for networking, discussions and deeper involvement with our startups.

If interested in learning more or investing in our startups please fill out the form below to join our Startup Virginia Investor Network.  Members of this network will be added to the CVA Angels distribution list which connects great startups to qualified investors, and will be invited to exclusive opportunities including monthly pitch events, socials and investor education workshops.

Note: investors must be accredited. If you haven't made this type of investment before and are interested in participating, or would rather invest a small amount, Startup Virginia can help you make connections with other interested investors to syndicate your investment. If you would like to invest but would prefer seasoned investors to choose how and where, the Trolley Venture Fund may be a good avenue for you.

For Startups: What Investors Are Looking For

Before your company can be considered for funding, Startup Virginia requests that you put together the following documents:

  • Executive Summary (one-pager business overview)
  • Pitch Deck (sales or investor focused)
  • Financials (ideally, past 12 months P&L and 3-5 year pro-forma statements)
  • Investment amount seeking, structure, use of funds and shareholder value proposition

Once this information has been compiled please send it to:

Currently, Startup Virginia has over 280 potential investors on the CVA Angels List, our most active angel network. Each month selected startups will get the opportunity to pitch to the CVA Angels. Should any investors wish to move forward, Startup Virginia transitions from a liaison role to a supportive role, giving you direct contact with the interested party. It is then your responsibility to drive the deal to closure. Depending on interest, Startup Virginia may assist in facilitating group sessions and counseling between investors and companies which allows for a more streamlined, efficient process for all parties. Startup Virginia can also introduce your company to other active angel groups in central Virginia.

Startup Virginia encourages companies of all kinds to go through this process, from $50k to $15MM in a variety of stages and industries. Technology-enabled businesses are a natural trend in the startup ecosystem, but we welcome a range of different industries and product/service companies.


Another great resource for startups and investors is Virginia is for Entrepreneurs.  This great online tool connects entrepreneurs seeking financing with investors looking for opportunities, it also includes support resources for entrepreneurs.

Visit their website

To be connected directly to any startups, please contact us: